venerdì 6 ottobre 2017

# My purchases on Dresslily

My purchases on Dresslily

Good morning my friends welcome to my blog!
Today I'm here to show my purchases made on Dresslily a really wonderful Store where you can find so many but nice things at very affordable prices
I usually buy them exclusively for me but this time I decided to make my husband happy so I decided to buy some things for him that I now want to show you

The first thing that struck me was this " Zip Up Detachable Faux Fur Hood Two Tone Quilted Jacket

The peculiarity of these two mixed colors on this jacket impressed me a lot and in fact the color decision was very difficult and in the end I decided to choose it blue but it is available in various colors and sizes
I can assure you that my bridal shoes are very happy and asked if he could buy another jacket of another color and I will definitely do it!

In addition to the jacket I decided to buy this beautiful and particular "t-shirt" can be worn with any clothing is any pants either a jeans or a classic worn trouser makes her beautiful figure is available in various sizes.

Dresslily a wonderful Store I really recommend you if you have not bought this Store yet and you can enjoy so many beautiful beautiful things.
A kiss next


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